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Healing Thyroid With Directed Pulses

Majid Ali. M.D.

Kathy R. consulted me for hyperthyroidism ( an overactive thyroid gland) with heart palpitations, hot flushes, excessive sweating, and bouts of anxiety. Her thyroid laboratory tests clearly indicated hyperactivity. Her T4 test showed an abnormally elevated result. Her doctor had told her that her thyroid disorder was most likely caused by an autoimmune disorder—a disorder in which the body's own immune defense system turns against its own tissues, the thyroid gland being the target organ in this case. As for treatment, her primary physician referred her to a surgeon who recommended removal of the overactive gland. She sought a second opinion and was offered alternative treatments of radioactive iodine and drugs. In all cases she was told the result would be the same: a total destruction of the thyroid gland.

Kathy had strong feelings against surgery and radioactive iodine treatment. She was also resistant to the idea of drug therapy for a long period, possibly for several years. She was repulsed by the idea that all three types of treatment were designed to permanently destroy the thyroid gland. She had read quite a bit about the natural healing methods of various cultures, and wanted to know if I could guide her in a natural healing effort. Kathy fully understood what she was asking me to do. The physicians she saw before had given her detailed information about the risks of an overactive thyroid gland, such as heart palpitations and failure, and the probable outcome of untreated hyperthyroidism—a burned-out gland that is functionally useless.

"Do you agree with my previous doctors that thyroid gland overactivity results from an immune injury?" she asked.

"Yes, I do," I replied.

"If this is so, don't you think there might be a way to repair the immune injury?" she continued.


"If that can be done, wouldn't I save my thyroid gland?"


"Don't you think my thyroid gland is worth saving?" she asked with a smile.

"Certainly, it is," I returned her smile.

"So why not try it?"

"We can try, but I don't know if we will succeed. To my knowledge it has never been done. Or rather, it has never been reported in medical literature," I explained.

"That doesn't mean it cannot work, does it?"


"So why not try it?"

"Well, it's not that simple. There are some ethical and legal issues."

"Dr. Ali, I'll sign any consent you want me to sign. If we fail, I won't hold you responsible. I don't have any alternatives. Will you try? That's all I can ask you," she pleaded, then repeated. "Would you please try?"

Kathy seemed an ideal candidate for a self-regulatory approach. She was evidently quite committed to the idea and was willing to make a diligent attempt at it. Still, it was a difficult decision for me to agree to work with her, fully recognizing the risks of untreated hyperthyroidism. After long discussions on two different visits, we decided to proceed.

This was early in my clinical work with natural therapies. My ideas of energetic-molecular medicine, which I describe at length in RDA: Rats, Drugs and Assumptions, had not evolved yet. I had no experience dealing with such an "organic" disease using a self-regulatory healing approach. Nobody, to my knowledge, had ever considered hyperthyroidism a psychosomatic disease. At this early stage, I still believed in the distinction between psychosomatic disease (derangement of the mind causing a disease of the body) and somatopsychic disorders (disease of the body causing a derangement of the mind).

Kathy and I began with my nutritional protocols. I asked her to stay on the Tapazole (a drug that destroys an overactive thyroid gland) prescribed by her previous physician. Next, I instructed her in autoregulation methods. The pulses came to her fingertips readily. Within a few days, she learned to direct them to her thyroid gland. I expected this in a way. An overactive thyroid gland is a rich vascular organ.

Next, I designed a card for Kathy. It showed a microscopic picture of a normal thyroid gland juxtaposed to one displaying the mushroom-like growth of the abnormal cells seen in hyperthyroidism. I asked her to look at this card several times a day. My purpose was to give her true-to-life microscopic imaging for her thyroid gland. I wanted to let her see how her thyroid gland looked in disease and to let her imagine how it would look after she restored it to health.

Kathy, like John, turned out to be a natural autoregger. As she learned to control her symptoms with autoreg, I started reducing the dose of Tapazole. Four months later, Kathy stopped taking Tapazole altogether. Her symptom control with autoreg was complete. Three months later, her thyroid laboratory test results fell from abnormally high values to those within normal range. (T4 test value fell from 16.8 to 11.4, T3 value fell from 289 to 156, FTI value fell from 5.1 to 3.4, and T3 uptake value fell from 34 to 31.)

About 18 months later, Kathy's symptoms recurred. Her laboratory tests became abnormal again. She told me she had taken her prescribed nutrient intermittently, and admitted she had stopped doing autoreg. I gave her the choice between Tapazole and autoregulation with nutritional therapies. She chose the autoregulation approach for the second time. About three months later, the symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland had subsided and the results of thyroid function tests had returned to normal limits. About two years later, her hyperthyoidism recurred for the third time. Again, we began our nondrug program and controlled the overactivity of the gland in some months.

It has been more than three years since the second relapse. She has been free of symptoms and free of drugs. She controls her occasional symptoms with autoregulation without any difficulty. Her high laboratory test values have been gradually coming down.

One may be tempted to complain about the need for nutrient therapies and autoregulation for so long. Let's look at the alternatives. Almost all patients treated with drugs, surgery or radioactive iodine for this disorder end up with an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Then, they have to take thyroid replacement hormones for life. Such therapy requires life-long monitoring for hormone balancing, and causes osteoporosis in some cases.

There is another issue here of critical importance. People who develop one type of autoimmune disorder are more likely to develop other types of immune disorders as well. Hyperthyroidism is not an exception. Burning down the thyroid gland with radiation, destroying the gland with chemicals or removing it with surgery does not address the underlying immune weakness. By contrast, when an overactive thyrood gland is coaxed back to normal behavior with self-regulation, nutrient therapies and allergy treatment, the weakened immune system is strengthened—not just to cope with an overactive thyroid gland but also to prevent the development of other types of immune disorders.

Radioactive Therapy for an 82-year-old

How often can one hope to succeed with natural restorative therapies in cases of hyperthyroidism? I have seen only two failures. An 82-year-old woman consulted me for an overactive thyroid gland associated with severe osteoporosis as well as congestive heart failure. She and her husband were very eager to avoid the recommended radioactive iodine treatment. Within days of beginning my nondrug program, I recognized that we didn't have sufficient time to pursue a natural approach. Her heart had been weakened and I feared that she might slip into a life0threatening acute heart failure. I recommended radioactive treatment. I didn't get any follow-up from her or her family after that.

The second case concerned a woman in her early forties. After a few weeks of following our program, her primary physician and her husband forced her to accept radioactive treatment, and she had her thyroid gland burned down permanently.

A Sluggish Thyroid Gland Speeds up

Allan, a man in his late seventies from Boston, consulted me for symptoms of chronic fatigue, allergies, low body temperature, and cold hands and feet. After a clinical laboratory evaluation, I started our nondrug therapies for allergy treatment and prescribed some intramuscular vitamin injections. Because his son practices medicine in Boston, Allan reassured me he would continue the injection therapy suggested. His morning oral temperatures ranged from 96.5 to 97.4. His blood levels of thyroid hormones and TSH test showed evidence of thyroid hypoactivity. I prescribed a small dose of natural thyroid extract. I also incorporated autoregulation, teaching him how to direct his pulses from his fingers to his thyroid gland region, and explained how it was likely to help. He showed good tissue responses in his biologic profile on the computer screen during autoregulation training.

Allan responded well and described a good clinical response during a follow-up phone consultation. At the six-month follow-up he was still doing well. At this time I learned that he had elected not to take the natural thyroid gland extract for some months while he explored the intriguing possibility that he might be able to up-regulate his depressed thyroid gland function with autoreg. My curiosity piqued, I asked what temperatures he was running at that time.

"It's almost one degree higher than it used to be. Directing pulses to my thyroid gland seems like a simple thing to me. Why take a drug unless I have to?"

I agreed that it was a good decision on his part, and that he should keep a close watch on his body temperature.

It is now more than two and half years since that conversation. He calls infrequently, and at the time of his last call, he still wasn't taking any thyroid gland medication.

Why do the pulses speed up a sluggish thyroid in some patients and not in others? How the body responds to self-regulation depends on several things. First and foremost, there is the issue of total biologic burden: How many diseases is a person fighting? Allen's life has not been unkind to him. He has a loving, supportive wife. His general health was good except for some undue weakness. He was at peace with himself and with the world around him. He didn't seem to carry hidden anger. Anger, as I wrote in The Cortical Monkey and Healing, is the sworn enemy of self-regulation.

There is another important aspect of self-regulation: Angry tissues are impervious to intellectual pleas for healing. Some people have an intuitive sense of how tissues under duress respond to autoregulation, while others stay trapped in cortical devices of mind-over-body healing notions that never work.

Over the years, I have been amazed at the ability of some people to resolve serious medical problems with little effort in just a few weeks. Equally amazing has been my observation of how some people are so incarcerated in their mind-over-body notions that repeated pleas from their clever-thinking minds fall on the "deaf ears" of their injured tissues. On a positive note, nearly all individuals finally do succeed in self-regulation to varying degrees, sometimes after months of struggle. The difference is only a matter of time.

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