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Statins, Satan, and Statinex

Majid Ali, M.D.

In a dream, I opened my eyes and saw a monster leaning over me. He wore a heavy metal cape and helmet, and carried a large spear. His eyes were red, his mouth frothing.

"Wake up, you little beast," he barked. "Give me a plan to hurt more people in more ways for longer periods of time than has ever been done before."

"A plan to hurt people?" I stammered, shaking with fear. "Sir, Iím not a planner. Iím just a doctor."

"Donít waste my time," he shouted, pushing my chest with his spear. "Give me a plan."

"Sir... Sir.."I choked on my words. "Doctors are not taught to hurt people, and Iím just a ...."

"Donít waste my time, you creep," he cut me off. "I want a plan."

"Sir, you could try an earthquake or perhaps some tsunami'" I struggled to control tremors.

"You donít you get it, do you, punk?" He thundered, piercing my skin with the spear. I want a plan to hurt more people in more ways for longer periods of time."

"Maybe poison the water? Poison the air? Everywhere," I blurted.

"Poison the water and the air everywhere." He repeated my words, his face softening a bit. Or was that my imagination.

"Sir, may I ask who you are?" I mustered the courage.

"Satan. Iím Satan, the Great." he frowned. "There is something else."

"What else?" A chill passed through my body.

"I want people to hurt themselves and feel good about it." Satan chewed his words with relish.

"People hurt themselves and then feel good. Sir, Satan, is that your wish?" I asked exasperated.

"Yes, thatís the idea, son" Satan winked. I breathed a deep sigh of relief. He called me his son. Maybe I Ďll get through this after all, I imagined. "A plan, little beast." Satan shrieked. "Plan. A simple plan."

I mumbled to myself, feeling full return of earlier terror. "Sir, you could use a drug. You could use a statin drug for cholesterol."

"Will a statin drug can torment people worldwide?" He asked with narrowing eyes. "How?"

"It will poison their livers, injure their muscles, make them tired and sick. Some will die of kidney failure, others might get cancers. But all of them will be toxic and sick for years," I explained.

"Why will people take such a toxic drug?" He shoved the spear deeper.

"Sir, you could tell the editors of The New Enron Journal of Medicine to set a medical standard that everyone must be tested for cholesterol and then drugged with a statin regardless of their cholesterol level," I replied, shaking from head to toe.

"I didnít know the editors of the Journal can be bribed," Satan sneered.

"Itís done all the time, Sir Satan." I felt a surge of relief.

Satan stared at me for a few moments, smiled, then suddenly erupted, "Hey, little creep, I warn you, Iíll be back and spear you to death if your cholesterol-statin plan doesnít work in five years."

I shivered as I realized the statin plan may not work in five years. Statin toxicity usually takes longer to become evident. I had to think fast and come up with something else, but what? Quick, mind, quick. Work fast. The Great Satan means business, I told myself, breathless with panic. And then came the solution.

"Sir, would you consider one other thing. Would you ban insulin testing?" I labored for breath.

"What would that do?" His spear dug deeper.

"Because the statin plan may not work if people find out that it is too much insulin which inflames and sickens them. It is too much insulin which produces heart attacks, strokes, and blindness. It is too much insulin that causes kidney failure that takes them to dialysis and dementia."

"How would you stop doctors from doing insulin tests?" Satan leaned closer. "I warn you, creep."

"Sir...Sir... you could use the Journal again. For dollars, the editors will do anything."

Satan stared at me for long moments and then evaporated.

I woke up, sweating profusely, my heart racing, my chest thumping. What a chilling dream! A visit from Satan himself. God, he called me his son and I was relieved. Shame shrouded me. I became a son of Satan and felt safe. What a nightmare! And what about my Hippocratic oath of not hurting anyone. I closed my eyes in remorse. Moments passed and I opened my eyes and there he was again.

"Sir, did I say something wrong?" I asked, trembling for my life.

"Why is a statin drug called statin?" he winked and smiled.

"Oh, Sir Satan, does the name statin have something to do with your name, sir, Satan?" I asked.

"What do you think?" Satan grinned.

"Oh God!" I exclaimed, forgetting my situation for a moment. "So, it was you who named the drug statin, and..."

"Donít say Oh God, meathead," he cut me off and thundered, "Say, Oh Satan. Your God didnít plan the cholesterol-statin industrial complex. Be respectful, meathead. Donít you want to live?"

"God, Iím so thick-headed. No, no! Satan, Iím so thick-headed," I shivered as I caught my blunder. "Iím so thick-headed. I just couldnít figure it out. Now, I get it, Satan. You were the mastermind. You designed the cholesterol-statin industrial complex."

"So, you get it now," Satan smiled.

"But why call them satanis? Why not Statinex? Or Satanicos or Satanicas?"

"I wanted to tickle doctorsí imagination. But they never got it. Your New Enron Journal froze their minds," Satan chuckled.

We looked at each other in silence, my fears melting. Satan was almost like a friend then. I asked,

"Sir Satan, Your plan is a huge success. People worldwide are sick with statins and doctors keep pushing more and more statins. People worldwide are insulin-toxic, but doctors never test them for insulin. Insulin toxicity causes diabetes, dialysis, and dementia and people donít even know they are insulin-toxic."

Satan blushed. Encouraged, I continued, "Even The New York Times ran a front page story about it on March 31, 2010. It was titled "Cholesterol Pills Aimed at Healthy People."

What a great promotion of the drug! And then three days later, C-Span spent an hour promoting statin drugs. It had the Executive Director of Center for Science in Public Interest who talked about cholesterol clogging coronary arteries over and over. No, he didnít once mention statins, but the viewers were too fogged to see things clearly. What a great promotion. Sir, Satan, I have to hand it to you. Youíre good, Satan. Youíre good."

We were both silent again. He looked at me with patronizing eyes, then gently touched my shoulder. Feeling Satanís friendship and reassured, I spoke, "Nobody else could have done it so cleverly, so elegantly. Pray, tell me, Sir Satan, why did you reveal it?

Why did you reveal your Devilís death plan now?"

"Can you guess?" Satan chuckled.

"Is it because people who take statin drugs do not realize who is behind this? Is it because every intelligent designer wants to be recognized for his intelligent design? Am I right?" I asked earnestly.

Satan looked at me intently for several moments and evaporated. I awoke and replayed the dream in my mind with growing amusement. Then two questions arose: Did I ever read a strong anti-statin and pro-insulin-testing articles in The New York Times? Did I ever saw strong anti-statinand pro-insulin-testing program on C-Span, CNN, or that paragon of "Fair and Balanced" reporting? I could not remember any.


On March 24, 2010, I saw Sherry L., a 94-year-old woman with a sharp mind and a strong heart. Her blood cholesterol level is 318. Six days later, a 68-year-old 5' 10" patient weighing 268 lbs. told me his insurance company had denied coverage of four-hour insulin test that I had ordered. On March 31, a front page story of The New York Times reported the governmentís support for a statin drug for healthy people, who in Timesí words, do not need the drug. On that day, Pfizer also admitted on its web site that it paid $35.3 million to American doctors to promote its drugs in the six months of 2009 ($70.6 million for the year). That, of course, is small change for the company since Lipitor, its cholesterol drug, earned $11 billion in 2009. On April 3, 2010, the Executive Director of Center for Science in Public Interest preached the cholesterol-statin scripture on C-Span for an hour. That night I had my dream.


The readers may be interested in the following text:

In 1997, my colleague, Omar Ali, and I marshaled thirteen lines of evidence to support our assertion that cholesterol is a minor player in the cause of heart attacks and strokes. In 2007, the British journal, The Lancet published a review article by two professors, John Abramson (Harvard) and James Wright (University of British Columbia), in which they analyzed published data for over 40,000 women who were given statin drugs for primary prevention of coronary heart disease. Consider the following quote from that review of the subject in Lancet :

The last major revision of the US guidelines, in 2001, increased the number of Americans for whom statins are recommended from 13 million to 36 million, most of whom do not yet have but are estimated to be at moderately elevated risk of developing coronary heart disease. In support of statin therapy for the primary prevention of this disease in women and people aged over 65 years, the guidelines cite seven and nine randomized trials, respectively. Yet not one of the studies provides such evidence.

Yet not one of the studies provides such evidence! This comment should surprise only those who have never critically examined the data on the subject published during the last few decades

Cholesterol Drug for People Who Do Not Have Cholesterol Problems

Now consider the following quote from The New York Times of March 31, 2010, a little something for amusement:

With the governmentís blessing, a drug giant is about to expand the market for its blockbuster cholesterol medication Crestor to a new category of customers: as a preventive measure for millions of people who do not have cholesterol problems.

Oxygen, the Only True Cholesterol Remedy

People who know the truth about cholesterol drugs still search for remedies to lower cholesterol, such as omega-3 oils and red yeast rice. While there is value to these options. In my view, the only true remedy for the cholesterol problem is knowledge and understanding. Remember, for understanding to be authentic it must be liberating.

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