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Rancid Butter

Majid Ali, M.D.

Butter is good for health. Rancid butter is bad for health. Healthy cells breathe through fresh fat in their membranes. Rancid fat suffocates the cells lining blood vesselsv—literally and figuratively—so that oxygen cannot pass through, initiating the events that lead to diabetes. When good fat on cell membranes is contaminated with waste and debris—they turn rancid, so to speak—it requires an oil change. Without that change, cells do not breathe and eventually sicken.

Natural (unoxidized and unrancid) cholesterol protects cells and prevents diabetes. Oxygen passes freely through cholesterol in the cell membrane. Oxygen does not move freely through oxidized and rancid cholesterol in the cell membrane. Again, regrettably there is little, if any, appreciation of this crucial fact among mainstream doctors. There are two reasons for that. First, such doctors do not know of natural therapies that keep cholesterol in its native and healthful form. Second, there are no drugs that can turn rancid cholesterol into unrancid cholesterol, and drug companies are not interested in educating doctors about natural measures that save people from lifelong toxicity and the cost of statin drugs. In 2007, Pfizer earned $27 billion (with B for billion) by selling Lipitor. To what length would they not go to keep doctors ignorant about: (1) nutrients and plant remedies that make the use of Lipitor unnecessary; and (2) the serious adverse effects of rancid cholesterol and fats on diabetes and the health of arteries to the heart, brain, kidneys, and other body organs?

Here are two revealing questions: How much does the brain of a 150-pound man weigh? What percentage of his total body weight does that represent? Answers: three pounds and 2% respectively. What percentage of total body cholesterol stores are found in his brain? Proportionally, how much more cholesterol is found in the brain than in other tissues of the body? Answers: 25% and about 16 times. Please think of these numbers next time your doctor congratulates you on lowering your blood cholesterol level.

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