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A Pothole in a Road

Majid Ali, M.D.

If it is true that grease buildup on the cell membranes, the matrix (the glue that holds cells together), and mitochondria (structures in the cells that generate energy from foods) mark the onset of all disease, then why do different individuals develop different diseases? I anticipate the question and answer it with the analogy of a pothole in the road.

After rain, a pot hole in the road near a bus stop fills up with greasy liquid. The people waiting for the bus include many children and some very tall men. A speeding car swerves close to the sidewalk, dips into the pothole, and splashes the greasy fluid over the people standing by the bus stop. The greasy fluid soils the clothes of all the bystanders but at different levels of their bodies. All the people will need a detergent to remove grease from their clothes. In the same way, the past patterns of tissue injury and genes determine where in the body and how much damage is caused by grease buildup. My crucial point is: Recovery from each cellular insult requires removal of grease by restoring the grease-cutting detergent function of oxygen.

Cell Membrane Channels

The cell membrane channels are formed by specialized folded proteins, a part of which forms the passage while another part of the same molecule forms a "protein plug," which serves as a lid. The membrane receptors are also proteins that form "binding pockets" to receive specific  substancesadrenaline, insulin, and otherswhich activate the receptors.

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