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Chronic Pain Control

óDiagnosis Is Not Important, Detection of Causes Is

Majid Ali, M.D.

The title of this tutorial is likely to raise eyebrows. The fixation with "diagnosis" is so etched in the mindís marble of doctors and the general public that my challenge to this coveted notion is likely to be unsettling. My core point is: For diagnose, we need doctors. For healing our chronic pain states, we need to be our own healers for chronic Lest I be misunderstood, a physician evaluation is always necessary initially to exclude serious underlying causes of pain.

So I begin by offering my qualifications for writing about pain:

1. For 35 years, I suffered from migraine attacks and controlled them with injections of Demerol (an opiate drug) and Vistaril (a drug that controls vomiting). I have not used Demerol in last 17 years, nor do I take any of the migraine drugs.

2. I have a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine and suffered for years. Twice the pain was severe and restricted me to bed for days, forcing me to consider surgery. Fortunately I avoided surgery and have not used any pain killers for back pain for more than ten years. I do back exercise every morning and do Feather Breathing as often as I needed.

3. Orthopedics was a large part of my surgery training. I received certification (FRCS) in England in 1968. With passing decades I realized the limits of physiotherapy and stretching done by professionals and the far superior long-term benefits of self-administered therapies.

4. For over four decades I diligently studied molecular biology of oxygen and then developed my Oxygen Model of Pain. During this time I wrote my 12-volume textbook entitled "The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.

5. I cared for over 6,000 patients with chronic pain states, including back and neck, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia,, neuropathy, angina, degenerative disorders, cancer, and others. They were authentic teachers and gave me profound insights into the nature of pain (see tutorial titled "What is pain?"

Lessons Learned From Patients

1. Every pain is some cellsí cries for oxygen to rid themselves of acids, free radicals, and toxins.

2. Please focus on the detection of what triggers pain.

3. Please do not focus on the diagnosis made by your doctors.

4. The primary treatment is to detect and address the pain triggers, which include:

A. Disappointments of life and unrelenting stress

B. Sugar-insulin-adrenaline neurotransmitte roller coasters

C. Mold and food allergy and toxicity

D. Trigger points in the neck and shoulders

E. Environmental exposures (chemicals, toxic metals, etc) and weather changes

4. Never accept drugs as the sole long-term solution to painful entities.

Drug Dependence

I can count on the fingers of my hands the number of my patients with long history of chronic pain syndrome whom I could not help to conquer their afflictions. Nearly all exceptions were individuals with developed drug dependence. So, the real tragedy of chronic pain states long-term drug dependence, which literally hijacks the oxygen-governed pain-relieving pathways. So, if you are on this track, please learn about the devastating consequences of drug dependence.

Video Seminars on Pain

Please click the links below to download my 35- to 45-minute long video seminars on the subject of natural remedies for control of chronic pain syndromes.

Pain Control - Dr. Aliís Seven Top natural Remedies Seminar One
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Pain Control - Management
Panic Attacks Prevention and Control Seminar


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