Dr. Aliís Edamame Omelette

An Insulin-Smart Recipe for Insulin-Wise Eating

for Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention

Majid Ali, M.D.

I offer this and my other Insulin-Smart-Recipes to be considered as options in my Insulin-Wise-Eating guidelines for losing weight, preventing and reversing diabetes, and controlling chronic inflammatory, immune, and degenerative disorders. Please follow Dr. Aliís Start-Low and Build Slow Principle given below.

Ingredients per Serving

1. Eggs Two large

2. Edamame* One tablespoon

3. Cayenne powder One-fourth teaspoon (may add to taste)

4. Butter One teaspoon

* Edamame are soybean pods which are harvested early. They are usually found among frozen vegetables


1. Heat frozen edamame in boiling hot water for two minutes (one minute in boiling water is enough) and peal off the shells

2. Beat eggs and add edamame

3. Sprinkle crushed cayenne to taste

4. Spread butter on a heated pan, add grated ginger and sautee it

5. Pour the egg mix in the pan

6. Wait until the underside of the egg is slightly browned

7. Turn the egg over to brown the other side

Enjoy and then, if desired change amounts of ingredients to personalize your omelettes

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Dr. Ali's Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle

In all guidelines for natural remedies for preserving health and reversing chronic diseases, I strongly advise readers to follow my Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle. Simply stated, this principle requires that an individual in trying natural remedies be cautious and closely observe how the body responds to natural remedies, beginning with small amounts or portions of remedies (as low as one-tenth the value on the first day, and doubling them every day until the recommended dose is reached. If any negative senses are experienced, the item should be discontinued or taken in smaller amounts for longer periods of time to increase tolerance. It is important that a doctor be consulted to rule out the presence of serious coexisting or underlying conditions.

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