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Mouth Opened, Prescription Delivered

Majid Ali, M.D.


A 37-year-old mechanic consulted me for dizziness, heart palpitations, recurrent sore throat, oral thrush, fatigue, anxiety, and mild depression. Here is my conversation with him:

"What causes your palpitations?" I asked.

"They donít tell me," he replied, his brow furrowed.

"What makes you dizzy?"

"Who are they?" I asked, knowing the answer

"The doctors I see."

"What makes you anxious?"

"They say it is stress."

"And fatigue? What makes you tired?"

ĎStress again. Thatís what they claim." His face softened a little.

"And thrush in your mouth?"

"I guess itís my immune system. I was strong when I was in Africa, but not here."

"Where were you born?"


I stood up and listened to his heart. It raced with urgency. A little taken aback, I asked,

"Are your aware your heart is racing?"

"Yes. It gets worse."


"They donít tell me."

"They again?" I smiled. "Letís see what we can do to calm your restless day."

We walked over to one of the treatment rooms. I asked Antonia on our staff to do the ABT test and work her magic on his heart. ABT is short for Autonomic Breathing Test, a test which I developed to teach our patients self-regulation About fifteen minutes later, she came and handed me the ABT sheet. "Look at this," she grinned. "His heart rate came down from 104 (per minute) to 86and BP fell from 130/79 to 120/77." I thanked her, looked at him, and asked,

"How do you feel?"

"Much relaxed," he replied.

"How is you heart?"

"Not so rushed."

"Do you know now how your heart slowed down?í"

"Yes. I think.. " He hesitated, then resumed. "She explained that I get more oxygen when I breathe slowly and that slows my heart. I think thatís what she said." He broke in a grin.

"Do you how many heart beats you save in a day if the heart rate slows from 104 per minute to 86 per minute?" I asked.


"It is 25,920 hearbeats less."

"Really? That many?"

"Really." I reassured him.

"I believe you but Dr. Ali you know that is hard to believe." He expressed doubt.

"The trick now is for you to remind yourself to breathe slowly when you are at work. You have to practice it at home so you can do so natrually and effortlessly at work. That will slow your heart over time and also normalize your blood pressure."

"Shall I stop Paxil?" he asked.

"No, not yet. What other treatment have you had?í

"Drugs, more drugs, then some more."

"But what did your doctors say about the underlying problems?"


"Did none of your other doctors explained to you how your heart begins to race and then palpitates?í

"Them? No Dr. Ali, they never sat with me face to face and explained anything to me. It is different out there. There I open my mouth and find a prescription in my hand."


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