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Greasy Cooking Pot

Majid Ali, M.D.

A cooking pot becomes greasy when oil is used to cook food in it. Common sense tells us that cooking fresh food in a pot left greasy from previous cooking cannot be healthful. Such grease contains some oxidized and rancid fat. If new foods were to be cooked in it, all fat in the grease will become heavily oxidized and toxic. In addition, the toxic grease will increase the rate at which the new oil will be oxidized and rendered unhealthy. This process can be considered as "chain-oxidation," in which increasing amounts of oxidized fats escalate the rate of oxidation of unoxidized fats. So, no one wants to cook again in a pot left greasy from previous cooking.

People use a soap detergent to clean the greasy pot.When the cells in the body are covered with too much sugar and acids, they also become covered with grease. Greasy foods cover the cells with more grease. The greasy cells need to be cleaned. Nature made oxygen the most important detergent in the body. Oxygen combines with hydrogen to make hydrogen peroxide, which is another good detergent for greasy cells. After rain, leaves on trees are clean and shiny. Days later, unclean and polluted air makes them dirty. It is the same way with cells in the body. Clean blood with ample oxygen keeps the cells clean. When the blood becomes dirty with too much sugar, bad fat, and pollutants from the air, it also makes the cells dirty and greasy.

Drugs are beneficial when they are really necessary. It is not fully appreciated that drugs cause buildup of grease on and within cells. All so-called side effects of drugs, in reality, are caused by buildup of grease on various types of cells in the body. It is important to recognize that the grease-building effects of two or more drugs used concurrently are more than the sum of grease built by their use individually. Let us consider the use of mindaltering drugs for U.S. children who are given three times as many drugs as children in Europe. Parents of such children need to recognize this when they consider the issues of optimal body weight, obesity, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. Such drugs add to the burden of unhealthy foods, pollutants, and stress on children.

A healthy cell has a sharp outline (cell membrane) and its internal structures can be seen clearly with a microscope. An unhealthy cell has a fuzzy cell membrane and its innards are swollen and irregularly shaped.

Appearance of a Healthy Cell (left) Contrasted with an Unhealthy Cell (right) With Grease Buildup




Schematic Display of Grease Buildup on Matrix (Black Areas), the Glue That Holds Cells Together



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