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Angry Obesity Genes

—Why Are They Getting Angrier by the Decade?

Majid Ali, M.D.

On . May 26, 2011, The New York Times told its readers that an estimated one in three Americans are obese. It also announced that "...genetics all play important roles." With these seemingly journalistic words, the Times did its part in confounding the real issues and added to the massive and largely misleading obesity literature. I read the article looking for any space given to insulin toxicity or references to toxic foods, toxic environments, and toxic thoughts. Not unexpectedly, I found no such references.

Fat build-up in cells is the result to cellular fermentation. At this level,  obesity is a fermentation problem. Since fermentation in human cells occurs when there is cellular oxygen dysfunction, at its root, obesity is an oxygen problem. This, simply stated, is my Oxygen Model of Obesity. Oxygen dysfunction is caused by toxicity of foods, environment, and stress. In nearly all cases, such toxicities lead to excess insulin in the body which is fermenting, inflaming, and fattening.

The prevailing calories-in-calories-out notion of weight gain is misleading as it hides the truth of cellular toxicity.

Three Furies of Insulin Toxicity

Insulin in excess sets free its three cellular furies:

k Excess Cellular Acidity

k Excess Cellular Free Radical Activity

k Excess Cellular Fluids Thickening

All three feed the fires of fermentation and fat build-up.

The New York Times on Obesity

Why do writers of The New York Times focus on genes when they know there are specific gene therapies for healthfull weight loss and obesity reversal? The answer: They have no opinions of their own. It is convenient for them to call their "obesity experts," who themselves do not practice clinical nutrition and so have nothing to base their opinions on.

Focus on Genes Blames the Parents and Dis-empowers the Individual

There are no gene therapies available for treating obesity. By contrast, focus on the issues of foods, environment, and toxic thoughts empowers individuals and bring profound health benefits while excess fat is removed.

Chemicalized foods, chronic anger, fatigue that prevents exercise, and bad science of nutrition — put them together and you have a prescription for an obesity epidemic. Two thirds of American are overweight at present. For that tragedy, I hold responsible the gurus of weight control industry who engage in frivolous debates about low-carb, low-fat, and other dieting plans, and ignore the real causes of obesity given above. And the high priests of 'nutrition science' at the American Medical Association, the National Institutes of Health, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Food and Nutrition Board? None of them has the courage to speak out against those chemicalize our foods, pollute our environment, or victimize overweight individuals with toxic information.

Misinformation about the science of health, eating depleted and denatured foods, and chemicalization of our cells — put them together and you have a very effective prescription for causing a massive epidemic of obesity. All those factors eventually lead yo dysoxygenosis in adipocyte and myocytes. That, simply stated, is the tragedy of epidemics of obesity and diabetes that we witness today. If we wish to understand the links between obesity and many other disorders, again we need to consider the basic scientific aspects of oxygen homeostasis, cellular energetics and energy homeostasis in the body.

In 2004, I introduced the Oxygen Model of Obesity. Simply stated, this model explains the origin and worsening of obesity to blocked oxygen-driven cellular energetics. I pointed out that excess body weight that cannot be lost by ordinary efforts of reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity is a cellular oxygen deficiency state caused by impaired mitochondrial function (the dys-ox state) in adipocytes and myocytes.1 In that "adipomyocytic dysoxygenosis (AD) model," the fundamental electron transport enzymatic pathways that initiate metabolic events and sustain a robust metabolism — and an optimal weight — are injured by toxic foods, toxic environment, toxic emotions, and toxic thinking. In persistent obesity, adipocytes are increased in number and distended with fat. More importantly, the mitochondria are dysfunctional and the cells have impaired oxygen utilization. That, simply stated, is the root cause of the spreading epidemic of obesity in the United States and elsewhere in the world. For the general readership, I also published a second article entitled "Oxygen Is Cellular Oxygen Deficiency State," to provide a rational and scientifically sound approach to achieving and maintaining an individual's optimal weight.2

Three Furies of Obesity

k Excess Cellular Acidity

k Excess Cellular Free Radical Activity

k Excess Cellular Fermentation

Excess fat in the adipocyte is oxidizing. Excess oxidation in the adipocyte impairs cellular oxygen utilization. Adipocyte dysoxygenosis so produced evokes"molecular inflammation" in the cell. Molecular inflammation in adipose tissue activates macrophages and vascular endothelial cells, and so sets the stage for cellular inflammation. Adipose inflammation so produced further stokes the oxidative fires in adipocytes. More fat, more oxidation, more oxygen dysfunction, more inflammation — the cycle perpetuates itself, increasing the degrees of oxidosis, acidosis, and dysoxygenosis (the three furies of obesity). That, simply stated, is the inflammatory theory of obesity.

The Oxygen Model of Obesity

The adipomyocytic dysoxygenosis model of obesity is distinct from the views of obesity held by purists in the fields of clinical bariatrics, energy homeostasis, and genomics on the one side and the authors of weight control books, who with uncommon exceptions are mere ghost writers for the enormously rich weight control industry. The adipomyocytic dysoxygenosis model of obesity — in my view — is superior to other prevailing notions for the following six principal reasons:

1. It holds the cellular energetics and energy homeostasis in the muscle and fat cells as its two centerpieces, which simply cannot be optimally maintained without daily physical exercise.3

2. t focuses on the issue of altered cellular metabolism as the primary phenomenon in the causation of obesity, rather than on gene mutations currently in fashion among academics.4-8

3. It makes a sharp distinction between foods and ecologic factors that preserve cellular oxygen homeostasis and those elements that put it in jeopardy, rather than engage in meaningless low-carb/low-fat debates.9-17

4. It addresses the critically important factors of food allergy and related adverse food effects, as well as large variations among individuals in their requirements for nutrients. Those factors are taken into account neither by promoters of various weight loss diets nor by the academics.18-22

5. It has a strong explanatory power for molecular pathways that link obesity to coronary heart disease, cancer, and other disorders discussed in a later section.

6. It provides sound scientific basis of integrative plans to effectively address the problem of obesity, rather than the use of drugs like leptin, dexfenfluramine (taken off the market) and sibutramine (modulators of serotonin), and others, none of which have proven safe and effective in the long run.23-27

The real answer to the devastating epidemics of obesity worldwide—the U.S citizens suffer the most at present—is in a massive and authetic education programs designed and implemented by professionals who practice nutritional medicine. I address this crucial issue in the companion articles in my obesity series listed below:

Dr. Ali's Seven for Weight Loss

Below are the major aspects of my philosophy and science of healthful weight loss:

k Be Aware Living

k Healing Kitchen Conversations

k Weight-wise Eating With Insulin-wise Meals

k Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

k Optimal Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

k Spices and Herbs for Blood and Liver Detox

k  Limbic Exercise



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