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9/11 — Lesson Unlearned and Lapdog Joes of The New York Times

Part 5 of the Seven-Segment 9/11-Tenth Anniversary Series

Majid Ali, M.D.


I wrote September 11, 2005 (2002) as a book of predictions written in a fictionalized past tense. My purpose was to underscore the following points plainly and unequivocally:

* First, the terror and toxicity of 9/11 was unprecedented and will cause unprecedented acute and delayed chronic illness.

* Second, at the energetic molecular levels, terror turns into toxicity and terror into and toxicity into terror. So the attempts by doctors to separate psychological from physical illness will be futile and a disservice to those sickened by 9/11-related events.

* Third, acute and chronic illnesses caused by chemicals cannot be controlled and reversed with yet more chemicals. They require nondrug nutrients, bowel and liver detoxification, and spirituality.

* Fourth, while The New England Journal of Medicine and other American medical journals suppress ecologic thinking and integrative protocols, there are many physicians—I am one of them—who have published a large number of clinical outcome studies documenting the efficacy of nutrient therapies, bowel and liver detox protocols, and deep spiritual work.

* Fifth, those sickened by 9/11 toxicity will pay an enormous price if the doctors working in 9/11 registers limit their work to testing and drugs.

The 9/11-Tenth Anniversary Series

How do I look at the above crucial issues ten years later? This article is one of my "9/11-Tenth Anniversary Series" in which I offer my view. The titles of other articles in this series include:

. 9/11 — A Tragic Story of Neglected Ethics—the Unrecognized Oxygen-9/11 Connection"

2. 9/11 — The Sordid Untold Story of 9/11 Toxicity, Politicians, and the City’s Medical Examiner

3. 9/11 — Dust, Air-hungry People, and the City’s Lung Specialist

4. 9/11 — Toxicity and Lapdog Joes of New York Magazine

5. 9/11 — Lessons Unlearned and Lapdog Joes of The New York Times

6. 9/11 — Lesson Unlearned and Lapdog Joes of The New England Journal of Medicine

7. 9/11 — Do We Need Special Autopsy Standards for Suspected 9/11-Related Deaths?

Lapdog Joes of The New York Times

Lapdog Joes are journalists who once aspired to be watch dogs but were turned into lap dogs(one word) by corporate media. They promote what their paymasters demand from them. They were once idealists with high ethical standards before they became tired, dispirited, and lost all sense of ethics.

Medical Lapdog Joes are ordered by their keepers never to address the crucial matters of toxins in foods and environment when writing for the public and politicians. They are paid well and they are obediently loyal to their charge. How well did the editors and the reporters of the The New York Times address the above issues?

How Much Can American Audiences Stomach?

The New York Times is forever concerned about what its readers can stomach. So I am not surprised when its Lapdog Joes completely evade the crucial issues I raise. Consider their words on September 4, 2011: "Media strive to cover 9/11 without seeming to exploit a tragedy. Anniversaries are hard to resist for most media outlets. The stories are evergreen, the advertising potential plentiful. But in documenting the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, there is a fine line between commemoration and exploitation. Mindful of this, television networks, magazines and others planning special coverage of the anniversary have weighed issues like how much American audiences can stomach, and how much such a solemn occasion should be viewed as a business opportunity."

46 Percent Increase in Ad Pages

None of the "fit-to-printers" at the imes think the matters of nutritional therapies and detox are important. However, they do know how much advertisement the public can stomach. Consider the following from the above-cited article: "Lawrence C. Burstein, the publisher of New York magazine, who added that he initially did not expect to sell many ads in the 10th anniversary issue. But to his surprise, he found that advertiser demand was strong, with the magazine experiencing a 46 percent increase in the number of ad pages in the Sept. 5-12 double issue, compared with the Sept. 13 issue last year.

One Prediction I Missed

Even a cursory reading of September 11, 2005 shows that all my predictions except one—I thought the 9/11 monuments wil be completed by 2005—came true. A nurse working at a famous New York City registry said, "They are just monitoring the sick to death." How well did the editors and the reporters of The New York Times, that relentless champion of "All that is fit to print"—address the above issues? Or those at The Washington Post? Or at national public radio and C-Span?

There was a prediction which I should have made in September 11, 2005 but didn’t. Here is text from a companion article in my 9/11-2011 series entitled "9/11 — A Tragic Story of Neglected Ethics—the Unrecognized Oxygen-9/11 Connection": "In 2002, I missed my mark in two crucial areas. First, I failed to foresee that the story of 9/11 will be a story of "unethics." City officials, EPA administrators, doctors, medical examiners, lawyers, and the news media will display a most regrettable disregard of ethics. I define ethics not only as the study of the consequences of one’s action on others but also of the consequences of one’s inaction when action is needed. Second, I did not recognize that the victims of the terror and toxicity of 9/11 would be made sicker by officials, doctors, lawyers, and the news media—not by acts of omission but by acts of commission. I could not imagine that all these professionals would continue to deliberately and persistently hide the truth about the 9/11 dust toxicity. And that the EPA will knowingly distort the data. And that the New York City Medical Examiner, who had a great opportunity to inform the public of the real issues—the essential uncertainties of sickness and death resulting from unprecedented toxicity—will deliberately defy the established standards of autopsy to appease politicians and the city officials. I feared that even the cataclysmic events of 9/11 may not compel doctors to think beyond the prevailing one-cause-one-disease-one-drug model of thinking. I did not recognize that the city doctors would refuse to consider the basic science of detoxification.)

The Seven-Segment 9/11-Tenth Anniversary Series

Ten years after that cataclysmic day, how do we now look at the issues of ethics among politicians, health officials, journalists, medical examiners, and doctors? I offer my answer to this question in my seven-segment "9/11-Tenth Anniversary Series," which includes the following:

* Environmental Health

*  9/11 — A Tragic Story of Neglected Ethics

* The Untold Story of 9/11 Toxicity, Politicians, and the City’s Medical Examiner

* 9/11 Dust, Air Hunger, and City’s Lung Specialist

* 9/11 Toxicity and Lapdog Journalists of New York Magazine

* 9/11 — Lesson Unlearned and Lapdog Joes of The New York Times

* 9/11 — Lesson Unlearned and Lapdog Joes of The New York Times

* 9/11 — Lesson Unlearned and Lapdog Joes of The New England Journal of Medicine

* Do We Need Special Autopsy Standards for Suspected 9/11-Related Deaths?





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